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Ask temas and mropie!

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This whole voting thing sounds like a perfect Jabber Application waiting to


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> As with any bootstrapping process, we are faced with something of a
> in establishing the Foundation.  Decisions need to be made about the
> operation of the Foundation but the formal process for making those
> decisions is not yet in place.  For example, the draft by-laws are being
> modified to formally incorporate the technical decision-making body called
> the "Jabber Council" within the Jabber Foundation.  According to the
> draft by-laws, however, the Board of Directors should bring forward
> resolutions to change the by-laws and then such changes are voted on by
> Membership.  Without a Board of Directors, this is a little hard to do.
> In addition, we have 94 members currently signed up as Members of the
> Foundation.  We've been holding weekly text conferences that have been
> attended by roughly around 20 people.  Some "decisions" are being made in
> these forums that might not be appropriate since we don't have a "quorom"
> all Members in these meetings.  Add to that the by-laws need to be changed
> again to even allow meetings to be "legally" conducted through electronic
> means we're not even clear we can even have these meetings!
> In some sense, all this is moot because the Foundation hasn't even been
> formally incorporated.  Regardless of when the Foundation is incorporated
> there seems to be a lot of good coming from these meetings and the Members
> mailing list.  We're developing a protocol enhancement process.  We're
> establishing a set of focused interest groups.  We're adopting a protocol
> review and approval process.  Frankly, no matter how the Foundation
> ultimately ends up, the mere process of formulating it is providing some
> lasting value.
> So, I for now, if anyone has any major issues they'd like the Members to
> vote on, let's do that.  There are a few issues that I know need to go
> before the Members - like, should we put some further requirements on the
> need for Members participation or should we allow the Jabber Council to
> decide what JIGs are established.  If you have anymore, let me know.
> The first vote I'd like to put forward is whether this concept of voting
> major issues is a good place to start!
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