[Foundation] 20 June Agenda for Text Conference

Michael Bauer bauer at jabber.com
Tue Jun 19 17:19:53 CDT 2001

Wednesday 20 June 01	Foundation Conference Agenda
18:00 UTC		foundation at conference.jabber.org

0.  Previous Business

    By-laws were changed to allow corporate Membership.

    By-laws were changed to allow electronic meetings of Members subject to 
    passage of a law on July 1 to allow it.  There are a number of
    on the notification of the meetings and the verification of attendance
    the meetings.  The specifics will be established after the law has been 

    By-laws were changed to allow for the Jabber Council.  

    By-laws were changed to automatically terminate Members that don't 
    participate in three Meetings.  We're considering changing this to
    miss three votes.

    See: http://foundation.jabber.org/bylaws-draft.html

    So far, it looks like the Membership thinks that JIGS should be 
    determined by the council, but there hasn't been enough people that have
    voted.  See:

1.  Council Vote

Council Vote is underway!  See
http://support.jabber.com/cgi-bin/foundation/council/survey.pl.  Results
should be available shortly.  

2.  Board Update

Looks like James Barry from Collabnet is going to join the Board of the
Jabber Foundation!  James has incredible experience in the open source
community as you can tell from http://www.collab.net/about/our_team/#james.

3.  Conferences, Meetings, and Votes

Since we don't usually have a quorum at the regular text conferences, we're
not going to call them official member meetings until we get the by-laws
clarified.  So, these weekly text "conferences" will be used for general
discussion and to unearth specific issues that may require a vote by the
entire Membership.  The key issue I want to discuss is whether if missing
three votes is grounds for termination as a Jabber Member.

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