[Foundation] Council Vote Update

Colin Madere colin at vedalabs.com
Wed Jun 20 17:03:34 CDT 2001

I can understand your situation.  Sorry to hear about your dial-up situation

I don't think not wanting to be involved in the admin stuff means you are a
"poor member" at all!  I completely understand that position and think it
certainly still valuable to have people that only are interested in "real"
project work to be members.

But even those members should at least scan the members list to get a
picture of what the Foundation is up to :)


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> At 02:30 PM 6/20/2001 -0500, you wrote:
> >Seems to me if you're an involved member, you would have 
> seen the link 
> >posted to here or JDEV (I noticed them both).
> Yes.  I saw them both as well.
> >If you're not active on either list, I'm not sure how you 
> could be aware 
> >enough of the Jabber project to be an active member.
> That may be true.  In my case, I'm a dialup slob so I grab by 
> emails and 
> browse them offline.  I accumulate links I'd like to look at, 
> then when I 
> pop back online, I send emails and browse the links.  
> Unfortunately, the 
> process is error prone as my "link list" is mostly a memorization 
> exercise...  So sometimes things like the vote slip.
> I will also admit that I want to be a member of the 
> foundation to do work 
> in specific areas (standards and JAM).  I have _very_ little 
> interest in 
> the administration of the foundation so these types of issues 
> are not high 
> on my priority list.  Does this make me a poor Foundation 
> member?  Would 
> people like me be better off not being members and instead only 
> participants in relevant JIG's?  Would our voice be heard 
> just as well?
> >Although, a link on the main page of the foundation site 
> would help for 
> >someone who "accidentally" deleted the emails :)
> Plus, it does seem to indicate how important something is to the 
> organization... My opinion at least.  If I don't see it on 
> the main page, I 
> assume its not that important or urgent.
> -iain
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