DJ Adams dj.adams at pobox.com
Wed Jun 20 18:05:53 CDT 2001

On Wed, Jun 20, 2001 at 06:35:20PM -0400, johnston at megaepic.com wrote:
> In considering the candidates for voting, I've come to notice that if I choose the people that I feel are most experienced jabber developers (which is wise technically), I'm choosing a council based almost entirely of jabber.com employees. Is the 5 vote limit suggesting that the council will consist of 5 members? I'm not sure I have a problem with all jabber.com council, but I'm sure that it will be an issue for other companies, etc. Just how much power will the council hold? I, without knowing the implications of such, would like to suggest a larger council, and that we nominate more candidates for it. Is this a possibility or should I just vote in on an almost all jabber.com council?

In addition to Michael's reply, I'd say that my vote for the Council 
members was based purely upon the merits of the individuals and my
perception of their ability to make the Council work, and not where
they worked. 

That the Council's role is a technical one and the people with the most
technical experience are related to j.c and j.o is of course no coincidence.
But I'm not going to temper my vote with this (IMHO) secondary issue.

In the same vein, people have expressed concerns about corporate vs
individual membership (x-virge mentioned this today). I'd like to 
turn this slippery issue to my argument's advantage and say that I 
voted for individuals, not the corporation(s) they might or do represent.
If I was an employee of a corporation (my own company isn't large enough
to be classed as one :-) I would still want to be regarded as an
individual, member-wise. And I'm not assuming either way that that
is or isn't the case with the people I voted for.


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