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Mon Jun 25 13:51:19 CDT 2001

Until someone comes up with something better I say let's start here.  If
anyone else has any thoughts, please chime in.  I'll collect mine and work
with you on them, Heg.  Then we can put something up for everyone to review.

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Thanks for the feedback.

>For example, you've created a proposed JIG, the JIS, but this doesn't quite
>seem like it should be a JIG more like a JEP.  Regardless it doesn't seem
>like the twiki matches what we need for either a JIG or a JEP.

I put that together to get some feedback on how a JIG might be setup.  I was
not trying to say that this is or is not a JIG.  At least one person besides
myself has tried to place some info in.  I thought that this might stimulate
some conversation on how to set up JIGs for use here.  I therefore took that
information and applied it to the JIGs wiki(s).

>1.  Alphabetize the links
	I have alphabetized some links, like the different wiki links.  I
feel that
absolute alphabetization is as useless as total randomization.  Some of the
links are group in a subject area.  I have made a few changes to address
your comment.

>2.  Tailor the links more specifically to JIGs and JEPs
	Please provide a list of Topics  for links that you would prefer.  I
put in
place what I thought might be a good starting place.

>3.  Cut out the sophmore information design colors.
	Please let me know the color codes you prefer.  I have modified some
of the
colors maybe they will be less sophomoric.

The whole concept about using the wiki is that it is very customizable.  It
is a self organizing vehicle for collaboration.  It is only as good as the
collaborators that participate.

I think that you should have a vote on this and determine what the
Foundation wants to achieve with this.

If this is not interesting to the group I can just disable the site and move
on to other work.


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