[Foundation] Informational JEPs and General documentation

DJ Adams dj.adams at pobox.com
Mon Jun 25 17:34:38 CDT 2001

Hi all

sorry to post this to the two lists, but the question does straddle 

http://foundation.jabber.org/jeps.html refers to informational JEPs
which "describes a Jabber design issue, or provides general guidelines
or information to the Jabber community, but does not propose a new
feature". However, there's no reference to this type of JEP elsewhere
in the document. Is this snippet a hangover from an earlier version
of the JEP docu?

How does such a JEP distinguish itself from regular documentation?

Is all 'official' [1] Jabber documentation going to exist in JEP 
form? I'm a little confused. I don't want to start a documentation 
initiative (heaven forbid!) and find that the format and review
process is 'not appropriate'. 

I may have missed something, or be not understanding something, 
(I probably am) but there's a part of me that's saying "to hell
with JEP red-tape, let's just get on with the documentation process..."
(in the nicest possible way, of course :-)

[1] Whatever that comes to mean

wanting to clear, not stir, things up

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