[Foundation] jabber.com for president

Bill Abbas zsa at expertq.com
Wed Jun 27 19:55:38 CDT 2001

Warning, IANALBICDC  ("IANAL, but I've come dangerously 

On Wednesday 27 June 2001 14:28, Jeremie wrote:

> Nope, it only takes one person to veto (-1) any vote in
> the council.

>From http://foundation.jabber.org/bylaws-draft.html 
(section 8.1):

"The Jabber Council shall act upon the affirmative vote of 
a majority of the members of the Council voting."

That said, the role of the Council within the overall 
structure of the corporation is limited to overseeing the 
JIGs.  Other than that is it purely advisory.  In other 
words, the Council is almost certainly not going to be 
dealing with issues that expose it to direct conflicts of 

Couple of other questions popped up while I read this as 
well.  Who are the Directors of the Foundation?  And have 
officers been appointed yet?  

(...and does anyone else see opportunities for some pretty 
awful Isaac Asimov puns in the future? :)


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