[Foundation] jabber.com for president

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Thu Jun 28 14:51:12 CDT 2001

Steve, you wrote:

> with jabber.com holding majority in BOD and council.

I already addressed this in my previous post and I swore I would not post
again in this thread, but I want to make one thing perfectly clear: I am
an individual. To say that jabber.com "holds" a majority in the council
implies that jabber.com owns me and my thoughts. I find this idea
repugnant. Forgive the philosophical tangent (yes, I was a philosophy
major), but no one owns my mind and my thoughts. My mind and my thoughts
are my own and I guard that integrity jealously. For the last few years I
have poured the main part of my mental energy into helping build Jabber
(not jabber.com, but simply Jabber) as an open technology framework.
Because of that I bring a strong sense of responsibility to everything I
do related to Jabber: documentation, coding here and there, helping with
the jabber.org website, answering questions on the mailing lists,
personally assisting new users and server admins every day, and yes even
my day job as a systems analyst for jabber.com. And that responsibility is
not to some corporation (though I must say I think jabber.com is doing
good work for Jabber), but to Jabber as a whole.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I am not a corporate tool.


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