[Foundation] I wish there was no Foundation

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Thu Jun 28 17:55:00 CDT 2001

Sometimes, so do I



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Subject: [Foundation] I wish there was no Foundation

I believe it would have been best if Jabber.com would not of created a
foundation at all!  I think it is a real shame that their is multiple
efforts going on to achieve the same objective.

The objective being to create a the best open source IM and XML messaging

Jabber.com is off building their own proprietary version of the same
software that jabber.org/Foundation is.  What a waste of resources and
time!!!  We both want the most reliable scalable sever platform for Jabber
we should be working together on this.

Digital Creations approach to Open Source with their Zope product brings
together the best of both worlds.  I know they were first a business then
went open source and Jabber is the other way around.

The argument that we have different core objectives is fine and does not
preclude working together in the most efficient way possible to achieve the

This just one of the many options I have regarding

I am sorry if I offend anyone with my views in the past, Today and in the

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