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Adam Theo adamtheo at theoretic.com
Thu Jun 28 20:42:19 CDT 2001

Hello, Adam Theo here;

i understand your point, mr gottschalk. i often feel the same way, too, 
sometimes. however, i have resolved it by realizing that yes, mr 
mrkvicka is correct that believe it or not, there is a huge skepticism 
towards anything free or cheap in many large corporations. they seem to 
think that anything worthwhile will cost them $oodles$, and refuse to 
believe otherwise. so this results in them spending huge bucks for 
crappy products created by greedy and coniving sellers, and results in 
higher fees for their customers, and ... *sigh* too easy for me to rant 
on that subject.

so, jabber.com is neccessary. 100%. i agree with many in the jabber 
community that jabber.com is a good idea, because while jabber.org can 
easily reach fellow programmers and entreprenuers (spelling??), it hits 
a broick wall in the corporate arena. which is where jabber.com is 
designed for.

now, to hit your point directly, of why two code bases. hm... let me 
think for a minute...

after some quick thinking, i have to agree completely with you. i don't 
see how it is neccessary for jabber.com to use the reasources to build a 
seperate server. i think it would be perfectly logical and reasonable to 
pool our efforts on one server (open source), and let jabber.com sell it 
(with full support, installation, etc, ) to corporations and other big 
institutions that are wary  towards open source or free stuff.

price: well, that doesn't solve the problem of them being wary of 
free/cheap stuff, since the server would be OS, you may ask. i answer: 
to hell it does! who says jabber.com has to sell the server and support 
for pennies? let them charge thousands of bucks for the one server! that 
way, jabber.com would have more $$ to hire and train top-notch support 
staff, and even better, afford to pay people like Jer and other 
jabber.com employees a higher salary for the same amount of work! who 
could be against that! (well, maybe us who are not employed by 
jabber.com... :-).

hm... *scratching chin* i really like this idea.

only problem: could it work?
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