[Foundation] Text Formatting JIG

Adam Theo adamtheo at theoretic.com
Thu Jun 28 21:04:13 CDT 2001

Hello, Adam Theo here;

was wondering what the text formatting jig was all about? just jabbered 
jer, but then felt bad about bothering him, so i'll bother all of you 

if it is along the lines of XHTML in jabber (especially forms!), then 
sign me up for major contributor. i'll take that up as my third and 
final project for jabber (after the identity thing with mike hearn & 
eric murphy, and smtp transport with ted rolle).

oh, i want good forms support in jabber. the things i could do with 
that. i'd be able to convert/sign up well over a hundred people to 
jabber within a couple of weeks after finalizing such a feature. does 
everyone realize the potential of forms over IM? wow... *foooorms* 
(doing best homer simpson impression).
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