[Foundation] I wish there was no Foundation

Scott Cote scote25 at mediaone.net
Thu Jun 28 21:54:27 CDT 2001

I had not looked too closely at the commercial server information
before and I didn't realize that it was not the open source server, 
but as a business person I can fully understand what they are up
against. Companies must differentiate their offerings from the 

I often wish open source software was more open than it is. There
have been many times I would have like to use small bits of open
source software in commercial project, but the GPL would have
forced the whole project to go open source. The best licence model 
I've seen is where you can get the code under an open source licence
for free, or pay for a commercial licence. There are some interesting
possibilities in this.


> now, to hit your point directly, of why two code bases. hm... let me 
> think for a minute...
> after some quick thinking, i have to agree completely with you. i don't 
> see how it is neccessary for jabber.com to use the reasources to build a 
> seperate server. i think it would be perfectly logical and reasonable to 
> pool our efforts on one server (open source), and let jabber.com sell it 
> (with full support, installation, etc, ) to corporations and other big 
> institutions that are wary  towards open source or free stuff.

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