[Foundation] JEPs

DJ Adams dj.adams at pobox.com
Fri Jun 29 04:22:08 CDT 2001

On Fri, Jun 29, 2001 at 12:27:47AM -0500, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> OK, enough philosophizing, let's get to work!
> I've come up with a proposed format for the JEPs, consisting of a small
> extension to DocBook. I've also streamlined somewhat the JEP process

> http://foundation.jabber.org/jeps/
> Your feedback is welcome.

Nice work, stpete.

Some questions/comments:

- wouldn't it be useful to be able to identify what proposal type
  a JEP is, by looking at its number? How about a prefix such as
  'S', 'J' or 'I' for 'Standards Track', 'JIG' or 'Informational'

- as far as I can make out from (pedantically) reading 0001, here
  are the possible statuses per JEP type:

  STANDARDS TRACK: proposed|draft|final|deferred|rejected|obsolete
  JIG PROPOSAL   : proposed|deferred|rejected|obsolete
  INFORMATIONAL  : proposed|active|deferred|rejected|obsolete

  Is this correct?

- reference implementation; I'm assuming this is in tune with the
  proto/implementation decoupling initiative and could be in any
  language? (/me goes off to learn Haskell or something equally


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