[Foundation] Text Formatting JIG

Mike Szczerban mikeszcz at delanet.com
Fri Jun 29 07:29:08 CDT 2001

I'd like to be on the text formatting jig, and if and when a separate 
forms jig appears, be on that as well.

Julian Missig wrote:

>Well, yes, it's about XHTML/CSS formatting of messages. However, I do
>*not* feel we should be using XHTML forms for forms support in Jabber. 
>They should be done with a separate namespace...
>The XHTML support in Jabber messages is XHTML-Basic, and I feel we
>should definitely keep as minimalistic an implementation as possible. If
>there is a genuine reason to use extended features of XHTML, then we'll
>make other namespaces for that. The current target, however, is as wide
>an audience as possible.
>Is there something wrong with the current forms draft that you don't
>like? It can be used for more things than just registration of agents
>and such.
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>On 28 Jun 2001 22:04:13 -0400, Adam Theo wrote:
>>Hello, Adam Theo here;
>>was wondering what the text formatting jig was all about? just jabbered 
>>jer, but then felt bad about bothering him, so i'll bother all of you 
>>if it is along the lines of XHTML in jabber (especially forms!), then 
>>sign me up for major contributor. i'll take that up as my third and 
>>final project for jabber (after the identity thing with mike hearn & 
>>eric murphy, and smtp transport with ted rolle).
>>oh, i want good forms support in jabber. the things i could do with 
>>that. i'd be able to convert/sign up well over a hundred people to 
>>jabber within a couple of weeks after finalizing such a feature. does 
>>everyone realize the potential of forms over IM? wow... *foooorms* 
>>(doing best homer simpson impression).
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