[Foundation] Jabber Name - Real World Example

Mark Zamoyta mark at zamoytatech.com
Wed May 16 21:04:08 CDT 2001


I attended the Foundation conference today as tristram1.  I'm particularly
interested in the discussion of using the word "Jabber" in my company's
product name.

I registered the domain name "JabberToons.com" around the time Jabber.com
was first created - I had been following Jabber before that.  I intended
"Jabber Toons" to be an animated IM client where users become cartoon
characters.  However, Jabber.Com got wind of what I was doing and demanded I
change the name, leaving out "Jabber".  I released an early version of this
client named "Cartoon Messenger", but I'd rather use "Jabber Toons" for
future releases.  The Jabber brand in a product name goes a long way.

What do I have to do to use "Jabber Toons" ?  It's a free client for anyone
to use, however I would like to commercially brand it and license it to
other companies if possible, somewhat like j.c. does with JabberIM.

I think Jabber Toons could be a great thing for the Jabber Community - it
shows an animated aspect of IM that hasn't been done before and could
attract alot of attention to Jabber.  I think the Jabber Foundation should
decide whether I can use the name "Jabber Toons" based upon the client's
features, stability, and my company's involvment in the Jabber Community.

I don't think it's right for an open project to let one corporation benefit
from the Jabber brand name and deny all other corporations its use,
especially if the other corporations contribute to the Jabber Community.

Lets let the Jabber Foundation be in complete control of the Jabber brand,
rather than a single for-profit company.

Mark Zamoyta

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