[Foundation] Jabber is the protocol

DJ Adams dj.adams at pobox.com
Thu May 17 02:27:28 CDT 2001

Hello all

I'd like to add my 2p to this discussion. I came to the Jabber world without
any real concept of IM - I'd heard of it (ICQ, AIM and so on) but never used
any of the clients or services. I saw Jabber as an XML messaging platform. 
The whole philosophy of Jabber being, representing, the idea of async sending
and receiving of XML-based payloads, whether for IM or other purposes, was
and still is the main attraction for me. 

To me, and everyone I've evangelised to, Jabber is the protocol and the 
philosophy. There just happens to be a server implementation that is 
commonly referred to as the 'Jabber server' (the implementation and the
protocol being the same thing at the moment is a separate issue - not for
discussion here ;-). 

I feel strongly that we should not dilute or weaken Jabber's drive into the
world by changing its name (by its I'm referring to the protocol, approach
and philosophy) mid-stream, if you will forgive the pun. The split of 
protocol and implementation shows us a way that is sensible: retain the name
Jabber for the protocol and have a server implementation called Jabelin, 
that implements the protocol.

We have a huge advantage in (non-commercial) branding here in that we don't
have to bridge the gap between the 'real' name (like HTTP) and the 'public'
name (like 'Web') - Jabber is both right now. Which is great! 

To rename the protocol to something acronymic (hey, I like that word) would
be a backward step, IMHO. 

I know this issue is intertwined with the jabber.com TM issue, but I'm trying
to see it separately, because I can only think of one thing at once.

Jabber is /more/ than IM, as we all know. And to say we should change the 
name to rid us of that mantle (jabber.com might not want to do this anyway)
is doing a disservice to where people have brought Jabber as an idea thus

So, I guess to sum up, I'm strongly of the opinion that the name Jabber should
be used for the protocol and philosophy. For jer's vision. And for the reality
of that vision. 

If we use Jabber for the protocol, we have less of an issue with branding
of clients and servers (witness Jabelin), and I think the moniker "Powered
by Jabber" is rather good. 

Anyway, just my opinion


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