[Foundation] Jabber Name

Martin Rogard martin at vibes.net
Thu May 17 04:51:12 CDT 2001


Although everyone may not agree I think yesterday we were all close to these
* We need to be able to use 'Jabber' name to promote our free/commercial
products without the approval from Jabber.Com
* Jabber.Com wants to make sure the brand 'Jabber' is not used without an
approval (this is good IMO), they are willing to let the foundation make
this approval and we all think this is great.


As we all realize yesterday we need to make sure the second statement will
be true forever, and the fact that WEBB is a public company cannot insure us
of that.

Example Case:
* I ship a product (and this product is actually a box, not just a service)
with a 'Powered by Jabber' logo
* Microsoft buys WEBB
* Microsoft decides that Jabber.org cannot use the Jabber trademark
* I can't ship my product anymore, and Microsoft wants me to stop my
jabber-fr.com website ;-)

This is why I am in favor of Jer position yesterday: Jabber.Com needs to
transfer the trademark to the Foundation, and the Foundation may allow only
Jabber.Com to use the name Jabber in product name/company name.

I think it's fair that Jabber.com is the only company to use the name Jabber
in product name/company name because they are the one who protected the
trademark. But I don't think it will be a wise move for Jabber.com to keep
the Jabber trademark. I agree with DJ's statement that 'Jabber' is the
protocol and the philosophy and it's a threat for Jabber movement that a
public company owns that name.


Martin Rogard aka 'frenchtouch'

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