[Foundation] Jabber (tm)

Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Fri May 18 13:09:33 CDT 2001

RE: [Foundation] Jabber (tm)From: Mark Zamoyta
Subject: Re: [Foundation] Jabber (tm)
>>As Jer stated, Jabber.Com purchased the "Jabber" trademark from a NY
company for the purpose of "voice
>>compression".  This is very different than IM / Presence and the XML
>>Since Jer (or j.o.) was the first to use the term "Jabber" to describe an
IM / Presence product, he was the only one who
>>could have trademarked "Jabber" for messaging and presence purposes.

    You must have missed it but it's been stated that Jabber.com filed a
SUBSEQUENT trademark on the phrase dealing with computers communications
over an internetwork.  8)

>> The Jabber trademark for IM / Presence was not vigorously enforced for a
large amount of time.

    That is a very good point..

>> Thus "Jabber" is in public use and cannot be trademarked by anyone for
the use of IM and Presence.

    Well, you and anyone else might think that, but I'd hate to see it come
to a court of law..

>> Is it j.c.'s position that their voice compression trademark covers IM /
Presence too?  (this would be a nifty lawyer trick!)

    See above.

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