[Foundation] Jabber (tm)

Tomas Mrkvicka tmrkvicka at softnov.cz
Mon May 21 14:38:57 CDT 2001

> sure not to infringe the jabber tm.  I would consider Sun's 
> handling of 
> Java to fall into this category.  It's a pain to deal 
> properly with Java tm 
> issues.  However, Sun has made it well worth the effort of 

Java is an excelent example in my opinion. Sun owns trademark but
everyone can use "Java" as a part of name of theirs products or derived
technologies commercial and non commercial. I personaly dont care who
owns TM as far as its conditions are given and secured for future. I
think everyone should be able to develop "Jabber[tm] Advanced Intranet
Server 1.0" with no restrictions from Jabber.com. Even Jabber.com
shouldnt market any product named just Jabber (they are not doing this
these days of course). Im very unhappy to see some people are saying
farewell to comunity because such a trivial reason a trademark issue is.
I can see two scenarios accetable for all sides (jabber.com, OSS
developers, commercial developers):
1) Jabber.com owns a trademark, usage of plain "Jabber" for products is
prohibited (for Jabber.com as well for others) and there is guaranted a
right to use Jabber in product names form everyone.
2) Jabber.com sells or gives trademark to Jabber foundation under the
same circumstances mentioned in first scenario.

"Jabber compilant" or "powered by Jabber" or whatever is a different
story, Jabber foundation should own the label and give permission to use
it with any product fully compatible with Jabber protocol.


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