[Foundation] Jabber (tm)

David Waite dwaite at jabber.com
Mon May 21 14:47:40 CDT 2001

Tomas Mrkvicka wrote:

> > sure not to infringe the jabber tm.  I would consider Sun's
> > handling of
> > Java to fall into this category.  It's a pain to deal
> > properly with Java tm
> > issues.  However, Sun has made it well worth the effort of
> Java is an excelent example in my opinion. Sun owns trademark but
> everyone can use "Java" as a part of name of theirs products or derived
> technologies commercial and non commercial. I personaly dont care who
> owns TM as far as its conditions are given and secured for future. I
> think everyone should be able to develop "Jabber[tm] Advanced Intranet
> Server 1.0" with no restrictions from Jabber.com. Even Jabber.com


You can't get away with calling a product the "Java Advanced Intranet
Server" without getting some nasty letters from Sun's lawyers; you could
call it the "Advanced Intranet Server for Java" though. I agree that
conditions for use for Jabber need to be set soon  ;-)

-David Waite

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