[Foundation] Foundation TM Again

Mark Zamoyta mark at zamoytatech.com
Wed May 23 12:57:42 CDT 2001

Michael stated:
> So, is this going to work and can we move on?  Yes?  Maybe?  Please?

No way Michael =)    just kidding - I want a resolution to this too, but
there's more to say.

Jer stated:
> - Jabber.com assigns the TM to the Jabber.org Foundation
> - Jabber.org is then responsible for assigning all appropriate commercial
> uses that don't overlap and therefore implode the TM validity
> - The immediate commercial use licenses would be to Jabber.com for:
>        "Jabber.com"
>        "Jabber Commercial Server"
>        "Jabber Instant Messenger"

I totally agree with Jer's points.  It's true to Jabber right from day one,
and fair to all.

j.c.'s point about using Jabber's name "willy nilly" can completely be
handled by the Jabber Foundation.  If j.c. has a say in who can use the name
it will give the impression that Jabber is still a one company product, or
maybe even that j.c. is suppressing the competition.  Let the Foundation
handle this and keep Jabber free, yet regulated by the Community.

As far as the transfer of the name actually "stinging" Jabber.Com - I don't
see how a company whose valuation goes from $0 to $30 Million in about a
year can be stung!
Jabber.Com owes it's entire existence to the Jabber Community, and is
compensated greatly for it's investment.


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