[Foundation] Catching Up AND Foundation TM Again

Tomas Mrkvicka tmrkvicka at softnov.cz
Wed May 23 14:00:01 CDT 2001

If I understand the situation well what all of us needs is a strong
brand for technology (protocol + standards). From strong brand would
profit everyone - j.c, OSS developers as well as other commercial
companies. I would like to make problem wider :-). Brand is not just a
name these days. Its a name + logo. Someone mentioned in previous post,
how silly sounds "powered by HTTP". Yes. But situation 2001 and 1991 is
a bit different. Marketing is everything. Look at CD/DVD example. No
official CD-ROM logo exists (as far as I know)  but DVD (its nothing but
technology) has a strong brand, which is used everywhere: on DVD boxes,
company web pages, in ads, exhibition stands, magazine articles... First
coming or "background" technology can live without brand, but Jabber is
not first nor necesserely background (in all respect to Jabber).
What I suggest is to make nice, unique, easy to remember Jabber
technology logo (which of course couldnt be similar to j.c logo) with
standard text "Jabber messaging technology" or something like this -
logo owned by foundation and available to everyone who develop jabber
products or offering jabber services. In my opinion this is way how to
make Jabber wide known and respected soon. I can see our situation from
many views, as an "evangelist" of technology in my country (what should
i put on www.jabber.cz web page?), as a journalist (what picture should
I use at magazine article about Jabber?) and as a founder of local
jabber-tech startup (how to promote connection of my company and Jabber
e.g. on IT exhibition stand?). I guess we should concentrate on this.
Linux is so strong not only because its a great OS but because penguin.
Belive me or not, but Im pretty sure of this. Such a thing is a win-win
strategy, everyone would profit form strong brand.
Tomas Mrkvicka

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