[Foundation] Draft JID list

Mathew Johnston johnston at megaepic.com
Wed May 23 14:32:24 CDT 2001

Protocol Development
	Presents all proposals for protocol change to the membership
	for vote. Document protocol changes and maintain protocol docs.
Client Interests
	Encourage standards between clients (settings formats, history formats,
	client support for new protocol bits, etc). Orchestrate client development
	docs, encourage good docs for clients, etc.
Server Interests
	Same as for clients, but for servers.
	Manage trademark issues, brand + marketing management, etc.
	Manage legal issues, finance, etc. Issue press releases, etc.
Standards Compliance
	Management of "Jabber Powered" labels and such... encourage standards
	compliance, etc.
	Look for security vulnerabilities, and ways to fix them. Propose new
	features/protocols to other JIGs

	Try to manage co-operation between JIGs, keep things smooth. Mostly a
	political JIG. Keeps JIGs aware of what other JIGs are doing.

	Jabber.org website issues, keeping jabber.org up, etc.

JIGs should have mailing lists, and sub mailing lists for more specific
interests inside the JIGs. They could also have websites to keep people
up to date. Maybe they can offload this JIG website stuff to the
infrastructure JIG?


Mathew Johnston

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