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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Wed May 23 14:48:21 CDT 2001

Hi Mathew:

Thanks for posting this. For those of you who missed the meeting, this 
is a list of proposed Jabber Interest Groups (JIGs), which are working 
groups within the Foundation devoted to specific topics. Other JIG 
possibilities were bandied about in the meeting, I will be posting a 
meeting summary a little later that contains full information. The 
minutes (captured manually by yours truly) are temporarily here, 
although a permanent URL is forthcoming:



Mathew Johnston wrote:

> Protocol Development
> 	Presents all proposals for protocol change to the membership
> 	for vote. Document protocol changes and maintain protocol docs.
> Client Interests
> 	Encourage standards between clients (settings formats, history formats,
> 	client support for new protocol bits, etc). Orchestrate client development
> 	docs, encourage good docs for clients, etc.
> Server Interests
> 	Same as for clients, but for servers.
> Business
> 	Manage trademark issues, brand + marketing management, etc.
> 	Manage legal issues, finance, etc. Issue press releases, etc.
> Standards Compliance
> 	Management of "Jabber Powered" labels and such... encourage standards
> 	compliance, etc.
> Security
> 	Look for security vulnerabilities, and ways to fix them. Propose new
> 	features/protocols to other JIGs
> General
> 	Try to manage co-operation between JIGs, keep things smooth. Mostly a
> 	political JIG. Keeps JIGs aware of what other JIGs are doing.
> Infrastructure
> 	Jabber.org website issues, keeping jabber.org up, etc.
> JIGs should have mailing lists, and sub mailing lists for more specific
> interests inside the JIGs. They could also have websites to keep people
> up to date. Maybe they can offload this JIG website stuff to the
> infrastructure JIG?
> Comments?
> Mathew Johnston
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