[Foundation] TM Discussion via Business JIG

Mathew Johnston johnston at megaepic.com
Wed May 23 15:19:57 CDT 2001

Perhaps we should spawn off a few mailing lists for the most top level
JIGs right now?

Probably Business, General and Infrastructure in the list that I proposal
would suffice for now.


On Wed, May 23, 2001 at 01:53:46PM -0600, Michael Bauer wrote:
> At the tail-end of the conference I made the following decision.  I'm going
> to put together a detailed description of how the mark can be used.  This
> document will essentially describe the licensing from j.c. to j.o. for tm
> usage for now.  We're going to discuss this document in a temporary "Jabber
> Interest Group" called the Business JIG.  If you're interested in getting
> involved in this list, send me email separately.  We're going to try to take
> this out of the general Members discussion right now because that needs to
> focus on getting the Foundation setup and functioning.  We'll parallel the
> tm transfer issue for now.  We want to get something going now and resolve
> the individual concerns immediately.  So, let me know if you want on this
> list.
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