[Foundation] Draft JID list

Mathew Johnston johnston at megaepic.com
Wed May 23 16:32:40 CDT 2001

Okay, I'm going to expand on what I suggested before...

Practically, each JIG should have a mailing list, and probably a web site
to publish it's products and keep people up to date on what's going on
inside of the JIG. Each JIG does not have to manage it's own web site
neccessarily, the job can probably be given to a publications JIG or
something; however, each JIG should have a place to post files/pages without
having to talk to any other JIG to do so. For this purpose maybe we can have
one JIG manage the general websites, where each website will have a place
where new files can be posted via a form, sort of like a message board -
hell, this could even just be an archive of the mailing list or something.

First, these are top level JIGs; each JIG can have more specialized
groups of people inside of them, working on particular things. How a JIG
breaks it's interests down is up to it really, but I'll suggest some things

All that JIGs do, is generate proposals, and propose them to eachother or
to the general membership for voting. Perhaps proposals MUST come from
their respective JIGs to qualify for voting? Otherwise the membership may
vote on protocol changes that they don't fully understand and have not
been analyzed by the protocol GID - causing problems?

I have not included a Systems/Middleware JIG because I don't think that
one would produce much that actually effects the Jabber system it's self.
If, however, it's found later that none of the JIG concepts listed here
cover a particular topic that does effect Jabber or the Foundation, it
could certainly be added later, with just as much ease as if it were here
right now (in this list).

JIG List:

General/Foundation Organization
	This JIG will co-ordinate other JIGs by posting general news about
	the work that each JIG is doing. More communication means less chance
	of duplicated effort, or incompatable proposals being created. 

	Each JIG should elect a representitive (or two) to make sure that
	the General JIG hears about what's going on inside of the JIG
	(without assuming that the general JIG knows anything specific about
	the informing JIG's area of expertise). For example, the General JIG
	should not be told anything that a general member may not understand
	without serious research.

	Also, this JIG should handle publication of other foundation
	related issues.

	This JIG would manage the jabber.org website and servers, as well
	as any other infrastructure relating to the foundation. This JIG
	would be responsible for managing mailing lists, keeping the jabber
	server on jabber.org running, managing the web site, etc. This JIG
	would likely request funds from the business JIG for server upgrades
	things like that.

	This JIG would manage the business interests of the foundation.
	It would handle finance (donations, expendatures, etc), marketing,
	trademark management, legal issues, corporation stuff.

	This JIG would concentrate on finding possible security problems
	in the Jabber protocol, and may also (if there is sufficient
	expertise) inspect server and client implementations for security
	problems. This JIG would likely propose protocol changes to the
	protocol development JIG and recommend default settings or
	implementation changes to client and server JIGs.

Standards Compliance JIG
	This JIG would be responsible for evaluating products and issuing
	'Jabber Compliant' label authorization for validating products.
	This JIG also decides what Jabber compliance actually is and
	makes sure that everyone else knows too (documentation).

Protocol Development
	This JIG would be responsible for inspecting all protocol change
	proposals and even comming up with their own proposals for protocol
	changes. This should be the only party permitted to bring protocol
	change proposals infront of the general membership as this is the
	only party that would be known to be qualified to make such 

	This JIG should also document the protocol and maintain that

Server Interests
	This JIG should discuss server issues... propose new server
	related features or protocols to the protocol JIG. Developers
	may also try to come up with some definition of what a jabber server
	should hopefully support. Also, maybe try to define a common
	configuration file format so that servers can be interchanged, etc.

	Interest in new transports would also be discussed in this JIG

Client Interests
	This JIG should discuss client issues... propose common client
	feature sets for different applications, or propose end user
	facilitating protocols to the protocol JIG.

	Interest in a middleware JIG has been expressed - this would
	probably exist as a sub-JIG of this client JIG. 

Is that a little clearer? If there are any major organizational
divisions that I've missed, please speak up. :) 

Mathew Johnston

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