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Wed May 23 16:58:13 CDT 2001

I agree with your ideas, but I also think that those are too many JIGs to
start with.  I don't think more than three will be sustained by current
posters.  I already have trouble with JDEV/DOCS/Mac-Dev/members/JAM lists :)

With temas integrating the web/news/maillists we should also re-evaluate the
current lists and merge some of them with the proposed JIGS (or would ALL of
them fit?).

I also agree with Iain that "protocol dev" would be better, at least now,
changed to "standards dev".  Protocol specific items can be sub-JIGed if the
traffic warrants.

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> Okay, I'm going to expand on what I suggested before...
> Practically, each JIG should have a mailing list, and 
> probably a web site
> to publish it's products and keep people up to date on what's going on
> inside of the JIG. Each JIG does not have to manage it's own web site
> neccessarily, the job can probably be given to a publications JIG or
> something; however, each JIG should have a place to post 
> files/pages without
> having to talk to any other JIG to do so. For this purpose 
> maybe we can have
> one JIG manage the general websites, where each website will 
> have a place
> where new files can be posted via a form, sort of like a 
> message board -
> hell, this could even just be an archive of the mailing list 
> or something.
> First, these are top level JIGs; each JIG can have more specialized
> groups of people inside of them, working on particular 
> things. How a JIG
> breaks it's interests down is up to it really, but I'll 
> suggest some things
> here.
> All that JIGs do, is generate proposals, and propose them to 
> eachother or
> to the general membership for voting. Perhaps proposals MUST come from
> their respective JIGs to qualify for voting? Otherwise the 
> membership may
> vote on protocol changes that they don't fully understand and have not
> been analyzed by the protocol GID - causing problems?
> I have not included a Systems/Middleware JIG because I don't 
> think that
> one would produce much that actually effects the Jabber 
> system it's self.
> If, however, it's found later that none of the JIG concepts 
> listed here
> cover a particular topic that does effect Jabber or the Foundation, it
> could certainly be added later, with just as much ease as if 
> it were here
> right now (in this list).
> JIG List:
> General/Foundation Organization
> 	This JIG will co-ordinate other JIGs by posting general 
> news about
> 	the work that each JIG is doing. More communication 
> means less chance
> 	of duplicated effort, or incompatable proposals being created. 
> 	Each JIG should elect a representitive (or two) to make 
> sure that
> 	the General JIG hears about what's going on inside of the JIG
> 	(without assuming that the general JIG knows anything 
> specific about
> 	the informing JIG's area of expertise). For example, 
> the General JIG
> 	should not be told anything that a general member may 
> not understand
> 	without serious research.
> 	Also, this JIG should handle publication of other foundation
> 	related issues.
> Infrastructure
> 	This JIG would manage the jabber.org website and 
> servers, as well
> 	as any other infrastructure relating to the foundation. This JIG
> 	would be responsible for managing mailing lists, 
> keeping the jabber
> 	server on jabber.org running, managing the web site, 
> etc. This JIG
> 	would likely request funds from the business JIG for 
> server upgrades
> 	things like that.
> Business
> 	This JIG would manage the business interests of the foundation.
> 	It would handle finance (donations, expendatures, etc), 
> marketing,
> 	trademark management, legal issues, corporation stuff.
> Security
> 	This JIG would concentrate on finding possible security problems
> 	in the Jabber protocol, and may also (if there is sufficient
> 	expertise) inspect server and client implementations 
> for security
> 	problems. This JIG would likely propose protocol changes to the
> 	protocol development JIG and recommend default settings or
> 	implementation changes to client and server JIGs.
> Standards Compliance JIG
> 	This JIG would be responsible for evaluating products 
> and issuing
> 	'Jabber Compliant' label authorization for validating products.
> 	This JIG also decides what Jabber compliance actually is and
> 	makes sure that everyone else knows too (documentation).
> Protocol Development
> 	This JIG would be responsible for inspecting all protocol change
> 	proposals and even comming up with their own proposals 
> for protocol
> 	changes. This should be the only party permitted to 
> bring protocol
> 	change proposals infront of the general membership as 
> this is the
> 	only party that would be known to be qualified to make such 
> 	inspections.
> 	This JIG should also document the protocol and maintain that
> 	documentation.
> Server Interests
> 	This JIG should discuss server issues... propose new server
> 	related features or protocols to the protocol JIG. Developers
> 	may also try to come up with some definition of what a 
> jabber server
> 	should hopefully support. Also, maybe try to define a common
> 	configuration file format so that servers can be 
> interchanged, etc.
> 	Interest in new transports would also be discussed in this JIG
> Client Interests
> 	This JIG should discuss client issues... propose common client
> 	feature sets for different applications, or propose end user
> 	facilitating protocols to the protocol JIG.
> 	Interest in a middleware JIG has been expressed - this would
> 	probably exist as a sub-JIG of this client JIG. 
> Is that a little clearer? If there are any major organizational
> divisions that I've missed, please speak up. :) 
> Mathew Johnston
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