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Rahul Dave rahul at reno.cis.upenn.edu
Wed May 23 18:59:47 CDT 2001

Title: List and charter of Jabber SIGS
Version: $Revision: 1.2 $
Author: rahul at mozdev.org (Rahul Dave, aka tig, modifying from Mathew Johnston)
Primary JIG: General
Secondary JIGS: None
Status: Draft
Type: Informational
Created: 33-May-2001
Post-History: 23-May-2001

    	This document modified from the post,
    	by Mathew Johnston. Matthew, please give me permission to add you as an author
    	if you agree, and I can also give you CVS access.

What is a JIG?

    	A JIG is a Jabber Interest Group. The notion is an umbrella structure
	to co-ordinate the work of the Jabber Foundation, Jabber.org, and
	Jabber development.

JIG Structure and Resources

	Each JIG will get its own web page and forum-mailing list. This mailing list
	may or may not be used as a development space (there are already other spaces),
	but will be used for structural discussions and announcements.

	Each JIG will have a head, a volunteer, or by election if there is more than
	one volunteer, and by BFDL choice is there is an election tie. There will be
	a similarly elected second official whose job is to communicate to the general
	JIG and maintain the JIG resources. The head may adopt this role if there is no
	volunteer. The job of this second person is to make sure that the
	General JIG hears about what's going on inside of the JIG
        (without assuming that the general JIG knows anything specific about
        the informing JIG's area of expertise). For example, the General JIG
        should not be told anything that a general member may not understand
        without serious research.

List of JIGS(proposed):

General/Foundation Organization

        This JIG will co-ordinate other JIGs by posting general news about
        the work that each JIG is doing. More communication means less chance
        of duplicated effort, or incompatable proposals being created.

        This JIG has a third official, the JEEP maintainer. Rahul Dave has
	volunteered to do this presently, but this position is set up in the
	same way as the other two.

        Also, this JIG should handle publication of other foundation
        related issues.


        This JIG would manage the jabber.org website and servers, as well
        as any other infrastructure relating to the foundation. This JIG
        would be responsible for managing mailing lists, keeping the jabber
        server on jabber.org running, managing the web site, etc. This JIG
        would likely request funds from the business JIG for server upgrades
        things like that.

Business and Standards Compliance JIG (merged by rahul)

        This JIG would manage the business interests of the foundation.
        It would handle finance (donations, expendatures, etc), marketing,
        trademark management, legal issues, corporation stuff.
        This JIG would also be responsible for evaluating products and issuing
        'Jabber Compliant' label authorization for validating products.
        This JIG also decides what Jabber compliance actually is and
        makes sure that everyone else knows too (documentation).

Security, Auth, and Privacy
        This JIG would concentrate on finding possible security problems
        in the Jabber protocol, and may also (if there is sufficient
        expertise) inspect server and client implementations for security
        problems. This JIG would likely propose protocol changes to the
        protocol development JIG and recommend default settings or
        implementation changes to client and server JIGs. This group would
	work on authentication, authorization, encryption, signing, and
	privacy issues.

Standard Development (changed from protocol devel)
        This JIG would be responsible for inspecting all standard change
        proposals and even comming up with their own standards for protocol
        changes. They would use the JEEP process.
        This JIG should also document the standard as a JEEP and maintain that
        documentation, as well as provide the reference implementation.

	This should be the main(changed from only) party permitted to bring protocol
        change proposals infront of the general membership as this is the
        party that would be most qualified to make such

	As a strawman lets put middleware presently under this JIG: SOAP over
	jabber protocol, jabber standard using SOAP vocab, XMLRPC, etc. There
	is interest in a general MVC arch, message queue's, filtering using rules
	and routes, JAM, etc, so we might want to move this to a separate JIG so
	as to not burden this JIG

Server, Protocol, and Transport Interests (merged by rahul)
        This JIG should discuss server issues... propose new server
        related features or protocols to the protocol JIG. Developers
        may also try to come up with some definition of what a jabber server
        should hopefully support. Also, maybe try to define a common
        configuration file format so that servers can be interchanged, etc.
        Interest in new transports would also be discussed in this JIG

Client Interests
        This JIG should discuss client issues... propose common client
        feature sets for different applications, or propose end user
        facilitating standards to the standard JIG.

References and Footnotes


    This document has been placed in the public domain.

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