[Foundation] List of JEEPs

Rahul Dave rahul at reno.cis.upenn.edu
Wed May 23 19:00:02 CDT 2001

PEP: 0
Title: Index of Jabber EnhancEment Proposals (JEEPs)
Version: $Revision: 1.2 $
Author: rahul at mozdev.org (Rahul Dave, aka tig)
Status: Draft
Type: Informational
Created: 23-May-2001
Post-History: 23-May-2001


    The JEEP contains the index of all Python Enhancement Proposals,
    known as JEEPs.  JEEP numbers are assigned by the JEEP Editor, and
    once assigned are never changed.

cat  num  filename       title                                  owner
---  ---  ------------   -----                                  -----
 I     0  jeep-0000.txt  Index of Jabber EnhancEment Proposals  tig
 I     1  jeep-0001.txt  JEEP Guidelines                        tig
 I     2  jeep-0002.txt  List and charter of Jabber SIGS        tig


    name                     email address
    ----------------         -------------
    tig                      rahul at mozdev.org

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