[Foundation] Draft JID list

Siegel, Aviv ASiegel at athoc.com
Wed May 23 18:56:31 CDT 2001

As we can see, there is a lot of interest in JAM.

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> I have not included a Systems/Middleware JIG because I don't 
> think that
> one would produce much that actually effects the Jabber 
> system it's self.

I do not agree that these issues would not affect the Jabber system, since
middleware extensions (such as transactional support and guarentied
delivery) might eventually affect the Jabber protocol and infrastructure.

> Client Interests
> 	This JIG should discuss client issues... propose common client
> 	feature sets for different applications, or propose end user
> 	facilitating protocols to the protocol JIG.
> 	Interest in a middleware JIG has been expressed - this would
> 	probably exist as a sub-JIG of this client JIG. 
> Mathew Johnston

Middleware usage is very different from regular IM clients; issues related
to systems using Jabber for middleware would be very different than issues
related to IM clients - which will be discussed in the Client Inetersts JIG.
I would add another JAM-JIG, that will also cover discussions about
web-services extensions.

Thanks, Aviv.

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