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Martin Rogard martin at vibes.net
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Don't you think the community (teenager for you) has given Jabber.com is
quintessence: 'Jabber' ?
Don't you think it's fair they give it back ?

I still think Jabber needs a big company to survive, I still think
Jabber.com is the right company to handle the job. But I don't think we
should put Jabber.com on a pedestal. I don't think we should avoid now the
question of the trademark because without it settled a lot of people
including me won't be able to work on Jabber and will require either we
change the name or will tend to follow Sean McGlynn POV.

I am in favor of Jeremie proposal and Mike Lin analysis.

Martin Rogard

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Very well expressed and I second that.

Right now the community is asking Jabber.com to give up something very
valuable to them, and we are asking them to give it to a collection of
people who have not proven themselves (in their eyes) to be good
stewards of that thing.  You wouldn't easily give your only car to a
teenager who just got his license.  You would give them small
responsibilities and watch what they do with those first.  This is no

We need to start showing Jabber.com that we are all working towards the
same goal.  We need to ask them for responsibility, and then show them
that we can handle it when it is given to us.

Like I said at the start.  I can't tell you exactly what Bauer will put
into his proposal.  But I think it will be along the lines of what I've
laid out here.

In the meantime.  We don't have the trademark.  But we don't have a
Foundation either.  Let's try to work on one before worrying about the


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