[Foundation] JIGs and JEEPs

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Thu May 24 18:17:34 CDT 2001

All coding projects will be separate from the Foundation. However, the 
Foundation may provide infrastructure for Jabber-related projects, such 
as CVS, mailman, etc. Kind of a "JabberForge". :) So Jabelin, JPS (the 
mythical Jabber Perl Server), transports, clients, and so on would have 
their separate sites but might use resources at jabber.org.

At least that's how I understand it.


Rahul Dave wrote:

> Whats the relationship between Jabelin and the Jabber foundation?
> My notion was that foundation would provide the infrastructure for development, and
> host devel resources, like CVS, mailing lists, etc to groups working
> on different parts of Jabber..
> (It has other biz purposes, but thats not what I am talking about..)
> So would it be hosting jabelin? jabber.org?
> If not, are there too many places for the same thing? (like forums+mailing lists.. presently..)
> Rahul
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