[Foundation] JIGs and JEEPs

Rahul Dave rahul at reno.cis.upenn.edu
Thu May 24 18:51:05 CDT 2001

So, if I understand it right, projects may want but dont need to use JIG's and
JEEP's and such. Thats good, as each person will have their own style.

Providing the "JabberForge" functionality is great too. Will jabelin use this?
I hope so, as it will set the pace for things...jabber.org as David says will
probably host this, right?

I hope that projects will use the JIG lists as announces and general discussion,
at the very least.

So is there a Jabelin JIG then? (Or server jig, or whatever we call this..)

Regarding the problem of overlap..I was thinking..does a JIG need more than an
anoounce list. For example client issues seem discussed most on jdev, so an additional mailing list may be used only for JIG membership and announces..discussion
will continue on jdev..

I'll update JEEP-2 with the list of JIGS when rough consensus emerges, and
add in Peter's text...


I got this from you:
> All coding projects will be separate from the Foundation. However, the 
> Foundation may provide infrastructure for Jabber-related projects, such 
> as CVS, mailman, etc. Kind of a "JabberForge". :) So Jabelin, JPS (the 
> mythical Jabber Perl Server), transports, clients, and so on would have 
> their separate sites but might use resources at jabber.org.
> At least that's how I understand it.
> Peter
> Rahul Dave wrote:
> > Whats the relationship between Jabelin and the Jabber foundation?
> > 
> > My notion was that foundation would provide the infrastructure for development, and
> > host devel resources, like CVS, mailing lists, etc to groups working
> > on different parts of Jabber..
> > (It has other biz purposes, but thats not what I am talking about..)
> > 
> > So would it be hosting jabelin? jabber.org?
> > 
> > If not, are there too many places for the same thing? (like forums+mailing lists.. presently..)
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