[Foundation] JIGs and JEEPs

Rahul Dave rahul at reno.cis.upenn.edu
Thu May 24 19:03:26 CDT 2001

> >> 6. client-jig (Client Development) -- creates standards and guidelines 
> >> 7. server-jig (Server Development) -- creates standards and guidelines 
> > Which of these last two jigs would define a specification as a whole? 
> That's a good question. I think we need perhaps something more general. 
> So, as hinted above, the client-jig and server-jig might develop these 
> conformance standards, but perhaps we need an over-arching protocol-jig.
> Good points all. I notice that client-server architecture creeping in 
> again, though. :) Seriously, I see what you're saying: perhaps the JIGs 
> would be more effective if directed to specific protocol/functionality 
> areas (e.g., conferencing, file transfer, presence management) than 
> something as generic as clients or servers.
I fear that would get way to fine grained.
How bout we keep one standards JIG, Server JIG is for jabelin developers..
sorta a reference implementation JIG, and client JIG is to discuss implementation issues? This would solve the overlap problem. Standards defines, server
and client develop, feedback, then standards redefine..and ofcourse this be more fluid than that.. in the end this ought to help keep things documents maintained
and the comm lines flowing.
And components is for transports and middleware? And x, which flows someways
to standards and server.

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