[Foundation] The Upcoming DotGNU & Jabber Meeting - dotgnu@rooms.theoretic.com

Adam Theo adamtheo at theoretic.com
Thu Oct 11 03:00:49 CDT 2001

Hello, all. Please note this is cross-posted between the Jabber and 
dotGNU lists, both of which require subscription to post to. Just a warning.

Last Thursday and Friday were the scheduled days for the meeting(s), but 
  I was having great computer trouble, so had to cancel it. This post is 
the official re-scheduling for this upcoming Friday.

There will only be one meeting, due to minimal interest in having a 
second for another time zone. If this meeting becomes a regular 
occurrance (which I'm now planning for every week at the same day & 
time), I'll take requests for having this second meeting when a good 
number of people will attend. Please send requests of times to 
adamtheo at theoretic.com (email & jabber).

Friday, 7pm UTC/GMT (3pm US Central & 9pm Euro Central).

This is directly after the Jabber Foundation meeting (6pm UTC), so many 
Jabber users should be attending. To convert between time zones, try: 
http://www.timeanddate.com .

IMPORTANT: The main meeting will take place in the *** 
dotgnu at rooms.theoretic.com *** groupchat room. Note this is a different 
place than the original meeting, which took place on the 
conference.jabber.org server. I'm running the meeting on my own 
rooms.theoretic.com server out of concern the jabber.org server may be 
too slow or difficult to connect to duting the afternoon, especially if 
there will be alot of people attending. This way, on 
rooms.theoretic.com, I can be sure of a speedy, reliable connection for 

You do not need a Jabber account on theoretic.com. 'rooms.theoretic.com' 
is a fully qualified domain name, so any Jabber account can use it. You 
will, however, need a Jabber account. You can get one by downloading 
your choice of Jabber clients <http://www.jabbercentral.com/clients/> 
and registering an account with the server of your choice 
<http://www.jabberview.com/> (such as my own public server 
'theoretic.com'). There is also a Jabber User's Guide to help you get 
started <http://docs.jabber.org/no-sgml/userguide/>.

If you cannot download a client to create an account, you can email me 
with a desired username and password, and I will set up an account for 
you on my own 'theoretic.com' server.

If you cannot download a client to attend the meeting but have access to 
  Internet Explorer 5.5+, try out WebJab <http://www.webjab.com>. I 
don't know if it supports groupchats, and it cannot set up a new Jabber 
account for you (only accepts existing accounts) so check it out before 
the time of the meeting to be sure it can be used to attend. If WebJab 
will not work for you and you might be able to install a perl 
console-based Jabber client built specifically for groupchat, try out 
sjabber <http://www.pipetree.com/jabber/sjabber/>.

If neither of these will do, then try to be in dotGNU's IRC channel on 
irc.openprojects.net. I will try to have some fast typists in the Jabber 
groupchat "translate" between the two rooms, to share information. Any 
volunteers for this role?

If still no success, then at the very least the meeting will be logged 
on the web. I'll post the URL near the time of the meeting. The log will 
be done in real-time, so people can at least "watch" it as it happens, 
even if they can't directly respond.

Here is a basic Agenda:

* Can Jabber be used for authentication or authorization in dotGNU? (I 
believe so, there is heavy discussion going on about all auth on the 
Jabber lists right now)
* Can Jabber be used for inter-process communication in dotGNU's 
distributed computing? (I also believe so, and is in fact the first use 
that came to my mind when I first began the dotGNU/Jabber talks)
* Can dotGNU and Jabber share a common winforms/webforms/guiforms 
specification? (I believe so, this is an incredibly important area for 
both technologies)
* Could Jabber be modified to support the transfer of bytecode and other 
binary data? (Currently does not, but we could discuss how much work 
would be required)
* Could Jabber provide registration and subscription infrastructure to 
dotGNU? (Yes, I think so. This was my second thought after the 
distributed computing one)
* How could dotGNU help Jabber? (I know very little about the dotGNU 
architecture right now, so I'm not the one to bring this up.)
* Can Jabber help dotGNU build a trust matrix/registry system if it 
needs one? (Hm... I don't know. Probably, but there are no signs Jabber 
is going to get around to this without more motivation)
* Can Jabber provide a better addressing and location scheme? (I think 
JIDs and Jabber messages can work better than the RLS scheme. This could 
be discussed)

Any more topics to be brought up? We may not be able to get to all of 
this, which is why I want to make this a regular weekly thing.
  There is an archive of the first dotGNU/Jabber meeting 
<http://dotgnu.org/pipermail/developers/2001-September/000998.html>. I 
suggest people read it, it has lots of good, juicy info in it.

And finally, I reccommend interested people to subscribe to the 
news at jabber.org mailing list <http://mailman.jabber.org/listinfo/news/>. 
It is where announcements of new Jabber developments are posted to, and 
many may find them helpful to not only understand where Jabber is at, 
but how dotGNU can help. Also, the dotGNU announce at dotgnu.org list is 
important for all dotGNU announcements 
<http://dotgnu.org/mailman/listinfo/announce>. This will be good for 
Jabber folks to keep up on  :-)

Thank you for your time, I hope to see many, many people there.
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