[Foundation] Update on dotGNU/Jabber Meeting

Adam Theo adamtheo at theoretic.com
Fri Oct 12 05:53:44 CDT 2001

Ok, seems a number of people from both Jabber and DotGNU want the time
changed to a couple of hours later. In the name of getting the time
worked out for future meetings, i'll change it.   :-)

new time: Friday (today) 9pm UTC/GMT.
Convert Time Zones: http://www.timeanddate.com

if you can't make this later time, don't worry, still come to the 7pm
UTC time. I (and probably a few others) will be there, and will take
your questions and comments. Feel free to drop by, even for a few minutes:

dotgnu at rooms.theoretic.com

note this is my server, not jabber.org. since it's a fully qualified
domain name, any jabber account will connect to it  :-)
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