[Foundation] Michael Bauer

Julian Missig julian at jabber.org
Tue Oct 16 14:57:00 CDT 2001

Thank you Michael for everything you've done! It's been great, hope to 
continue seeing you around in the future.

email: julian at jabber.org
jabber:julian at jabber.org

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

> I'm sorry to announce that Michael Bauer is no longer Executive Director
> of the Jabber Software Foundation. Michael felt that he was no longer in a
> position to effectively discharge the duties of the Executive Director,
> but he definitely intends to continue contributing to Jabber on an
> individual basis as an active member of the Jabber community.
> Michael spearheaded the creation of the Foundation and we all owe him a
> debt of gratitude for his early leadership, without which the Foundation
> would not exist (contact him via email or Jabber at bauer at jabber.com to
> thank him personally). 
> I have been asked to take on Michael's responsibilities on an interim
> basis and will try to fill Michael's shoes as acting Executive Director
> until the Board of Directors names someone to fill that role more
> permanently.
> Peter

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