[Foundation] The Weekly DotGNU & Jabber Meetings - dotgnu@rooms.theoretic.com

Adam Theo adamtheo at theoretic.com
Tue Oct 16 23:33:39 CDT 2001

(Croos-posted between Jabber & DotGNU)

Hello, again. From input I've decided the weekly Jabber meetings should be:

Thursday 7pm UTC/GMT
   (that's 3pm US Eastern and I think 9pm Euro Central)

It will be at dotgnu at rooms.theoretic.com as before.

If you woulod like help connecting to Jabber to attend, feel free to 
contact me:

email: adamtheo at theoretic.com
jabber: adamtheo at theoretic.com
aim: adamtheo2000
icq: 3617306
msn: adamtheo at theoretic.com
y!: adamtheo2

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