[Foundation] Released JabberSMTP v1.00

Adam Theo adamtheo at theoretic.com
Thu Oct 18 04:52:04 CDT 2001

Well, folks, Theoretic's JabberSMTP is now released!

It does what Jer's beta code did (bi-directional email/Jabber
conversion), but also adds MIME attatchment support, logging, and is
pretty fast (can be better, but this is good enough for moderate use for
a large server for now).

Now, it is important to note that I'm using JabberSMTP as the first
experiment in my new Ransom model. This is something I've been working
on with help from the FSB at Crynwr.com list, and I feel this is an
excellent project to help develop it with.

Ransom uses a restricted license (shared source, shareware, or some
other proprietary license), but is automatically re-licensed to open
source (under the JOSL in the case of JabberSMTP) once a set amount of
money has been collected by the author ($100 in this case). I am
expecting to collect this "Ransom Amount" from grateful server admins
and distributors (such as Jabber, Inc and IMissary).

To download and try JabberSMTP: http://www.theoretic.com/jabbersmtp

To contribute to the Ransom Payment, to open source this project, send
any amount through PayPal [http://www.paypal.com] to
'adamtheo at theoretic.com' and announce the payment publically at either
the JabberSMTP Discussion board
[http://www.theoretic.com/jabbersmtp/discuss.cgi] or the Ransom mailing
list [ransom at theoretic.com]. You just have to announce it, you don't
have to provide any details except amount. This is so the public can
keep track of how much of the Ransom payment has been collected so far.

To discuss the Ransom model, please subscribe to the Ransom mailing list
[ransom-subscribe at theoretic.com] and post [ransom at theoretic.com].

I'd love to hear your thoughts on both JabberSMTP and Ransom, no matter
what they are.

Thank you for your time.
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