[Foundation] Jabber Software Foundation Sponsorship

Adam Theo theo at theoretic.com
Thu Apr 4 22:21:12 CST 2002

"Andre Durand (durand.com)" <andre at durand.com>:
> All,
> I've been working with Peter Saint-Andre on a new page which we propose
> to add to the jabber.org site which speaks specifically to corporate
> sponsorship. 
> With the economy as tight as it has been in the past several months,
> asking corporations for sponsorships has been challenging task, and not
> particularly fruitful. 
> As such, and being that most of the voting benefits are accrued to the
> membership, I propose we consider the concept that corporate sponsors
> can 'direct' funds to particular projects or Foundation efforts of their
> choosing. 

How much are our sponsors currently paying in fees, if this kind of info 
can be released? I'm curious to compare the amounts you have listed there.

Overall, I think it's worth a try. Make sure that this can be revoked if 
we want it to. But otherwise I say let's give it a trial run and see how 
it does. Sound good?

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