[Foundation] Jabber Advocates in France

Adam Theo theo at theoretic.com
Thu Apr 25 02:34:20 CDT 2002

Hi, I have been asked by David Sugar of the DotGNU project 
[www.dotgnu.org] to see if there are any interested Jabber advocates 
that would be interested in attending the Libre Software Meeting 
[lsm.abul.org (french)] in France soon. David wants someone to talk 
about Jabber there, so has asked me to find one. If you are interested, 
contact me [mailto:theo at theoretic.com jabber:theo at theoretic.com] or 
David [mailto:dyfet at ostel.com]. David has enough money to spare to move 
someone around within France, so if you live there or can get there, he 
can get you the rest of the way.

If no-one can or wants to go, and if a big load of cash happens to drop 
on my lap soon (/me looks up...), I'd be more than happy to take a 
little France vaca... uh.. business trip (/me wonders if he should even 
bother looking over in Jabber Inc's direction...).   ;-)

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