[Foundation] Recent confusion about the JSF, JINC and the IETF

Julian Missig julian at jabber.org
Thu Aug 1 21:57:11 CDT 2002

Richard Dobson wrote:
> This is the part that most worries me:
>>The confusion has been furthered by a couple of lines in section 6 of
>>the minutes of the IETF BOF minutes (available at
>>Q: Are you comfortable with the notion of giving up control of the
>>   technology in your flagship project?
>>A: Yes, this has sign off at the highest levels of managment in Jabber,
>>   Inc.
>>Q: Will you support the resulting specification?
>>A: Yes, this has sign-off at the highest levels of managment in Jabber,
>>   Inc.
> That Jabber, Inc appears to be making decisions on behalf of the community
> without consultation and infact suggesting they think the own the protocol,
> it is also worrying that we only find out about this after the event, a
> decision of this magnetude needs to be made democratically by a vote of the
> JSF membership the only people who can actually make this decision, I dont
> really think its the place of Jabber, Inc to make these decisions.

Uh, I'm fairly certain the "you" in those questions refers to Jabber, 
Inc., not the Jabber community or the JSF. The JSF does not have a 
"flagship product". You could argue that jabberd is the "flagship 
product" except for the fact that we have been actively trying to make 
it /not/ the only open Jabber server implementation.

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