[Foundation] Council Questions

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Thu Aug 1 23:11:04 CDT 2002

Council Candidates:

Here are the debate questions submitted so far, sorry for sending them out
late in the day. You Council candidates have until next Wednesday to
answer them. (Yes, I know, the message from reatmon said there would be
only 6 questions but since 8 came in I figured I'd post them all. Note
that I've rephrased/shortened a fwe of them...)

1. What do you think is working and not working with regard to the JEP
process? What suggestions do you have for improvement?

2. From a purely technical standpoint, what differentiates Jabber from
SIP, SIMPLE, and related technologies? Why (or why not) is XMPP a better
choice for many applications than transporting XML/MIME payloads via SIP?

3. Why do you think it is necessary to develop a pub/sub protocol for
Jabber? Please provide specific examples. In particular, it seems that
there should be some useful synergy among pub/sub, message queueing, and
presence. How do you see this fleshing out in specific applications?

4. How do you think ownership of the trademark on the Jabber term should
be handled?

5. How do we establish trust between servers on an Internet scale?

6. Do you think we should build a mechanism for in-band transport of large
payloads within Jabber? If not and you think an out-of-band transport is
sufficent, how do you see that as different from SIP?

7. How can the growing complexity and functionality of the Jabber protocol
be balanced with simplicity and developer-friendliness?

8. How can the JSF and the Jabber technical community best work with other
standards organizations, specifically the IETF and any possible Working
Group the IETF forms to to pursue standardization of the core Jabber


Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

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