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Subject: Position statement Dirk-Willem van Gulik

There is a long tradition of spending too much time down the bar,
generally having a ball and then finding one selves pressed into service
the morning after - aboard a gently rocking ship setting sail for
the tropics.

In my case Peter and Jeremie did at least give me this chance to escape -
so here is my position statement :-)

Though I've known-about and used jabber from pretty much day one - what I
would bring to the Jabber Foundation would primarily be an outsiders view;
mostly shaped by having been an Apache Software Foundation (ASF) board
member from the early beginning, an intense interest in the standards
process in general, the IETF in particular and a long term commitment to
the needs of the non US communities.

The latter not just ranging from internationalization to localization but
also making sure that the social and legal frameworks match those of, for
example, Europe. I'd also would very much like to help steer the IETF
effort - and I'd like to think that I bring significant international
standards experience to the table.

As a background - I've worked on the Apache webserver from back in the
NCSA days - though most recently have spend most time on helping finding
the frameworks to integrate the Java and XML projects (which had a
commercial culture and background) into the ASF - and learned a lot whilst
struggling with licenses and policies.

On the non-volunteer side - in real live I studied Applied Bio Physics and
among other things have been a civil servant working for the Joint
Research Center of the European Commission, a consultant for customers
such as the UN and large telco's, a VP of Research at Covalent
Technologies and am currently self employed.

With respect to jabber as a technologie - most people who have heard me
know that I personally think it is by far the coolest messaging
technologie around - though I tend to look at from more than just an
inter-person IM perspective (and it also happens to integrate well with
apache - which is an another story (try http://research.covalent.net/ for
some silly example and giggles :-)).

So I am more than a little honored to be asked to throw my hat in the ring
- and help sail this ship onto lands beyonder.


Dirk-Willem van Gulik

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