[Foundation] JSF Board Election Update

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Sun Aug 4 22:32:05 CDT 2002

We now have 6 candidates for the JSF Board:

    * Michael Bauer
    * Harold E. Gottschalk
    * Marco Palombi
    * Jean-Louis Seguineau
    * Adam Theo
    * Dirk Willem van Gulik

I have posted all of their position papers here:


Further position papers may be forthcoming (I have spoken with two other
potential candidates). Those candidates may send their position papers to
this list, and/or ask Ryan Eatmon (reatmon at jabber.org) or Thomas Muldowney
(temas at jabber.org) to add the URLs for their papers to the web page above.

Because only one of the candidates (Dirk Willem van Gulik) is not a member
of the list, I have temporarily added Dirk to the list so that JSF members
may ask questions of all the candidates until the voting process begins on

As previously noted, I will be out of town and offline from now until
Monday, August 12. In my absence please address any questions/concerns to
this list or to Jer, Ryan, or temas.



Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

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