[Foundation] Council Questions

Julian Missig julian at jabber.org
Wed Aug 7 20:25:31 CDT 2002

Joe Hildebrand wrote:
> Now, the last point that people make with regard to SIMPLE is that it is
> built in to Windows Messenger.  If I recall correctly, there isn't any
> SIMPLE support in the version of Windows Messenger that ships with XP.
> Yes, there is some SIP for VoIP-y things, but no SIMPLE.  The latest
> downloads of Windows Messenger have something they are calling SIMPLE,
> but since there are no RFC's yet, and the SIMPLE group has not decided
> on a roster management approach, much less an actual transport protocol,
> "SIMPLE" in this respect is more of a marketing ploy than an actual
> standards adherence on the part of MS.

Sorry, I feel the need to respond to this part. MSN Messenger clients 
that are included with XP (and all version 4.6+ I believe (not sure)) do 
have support for "SIMPLE" -- yes, IM over SIP. It's based off of a draft 
from earlier this year/late last year, I believe, but it is SIMPLE. The 
problem, however, is that SIMPLE does leave a lot of things "up to 
implementation" -- and Microsoft definitely took advantage of that at 
points -- they also blatantly didn't follow the specification in other 
areas (two sockets are required when talking to the server, for 
example). I'm just trying to prevent false rumors about the competition. :)


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