[Foundation] Council Questions

David Waite mass at akuma.org
Wed Aug 7 21:05:50 CDT 2002

Julian Missig wrote:

> Sorry, I feel the need to respond to this part. MSN Messenger clients 
> that are included with XP (and all version 4.6+ I believe (not sure)) 
> do have support for "SIMPLE" -- yes, IM over SIP. It's based off of a 
> draft from earlier this year/late last year, I believe, but it is 
> SIMPLE. The problem, however, is that SIMPLE does leave a lot of 
> things "up to implementation" -- and Microsoft definitely took 
> advantage of that at points -- they also blatantly didn't follow the 
> specification in other areas (two sockets are required when talking to 
> the server, for example). I'm just trying to prevent false rumors 
> about the competition. :)

So the better question would be - _when_ does MSN Messenger use 
MS/SIMPLE? What is the magic trick to get it to talk to other MSN users 
with SIMPLE?

-David Waite

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