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Jean-Louis Seguineau /EXC/TEC jean-louis.seguineau at antepo.com
Thu Aug 8 13:00:36 CDT 2002

Ivan, point taken, you're perfectly right :) This is not being pedantic ....
This is another disadventage. A user has to rely on other outside mechanisms
to actually find the other party.

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> For the most part I agree, just one small pedantic point:
> > As its name implies SIP means Session Initiation Protocol,
> > i.e. this is another discovery protocol invented by Voice
> > over Packet guys in order to establish a "circuit" (in good
> > old telephony term) between endpoints.
> This isn't a discovery protocol, SLP is a discovery protocol.  This is a
> call protocol.  If it were discovery, I'd ask for a "call to Joe" and
> it'd find out how to call him, I actually have to _know joe's phone
> number_ to call him with SIP, as far as I know.  So it's even less that
> you give it credit for ;-).
> --Ivan

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