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Joe Hildebrand hildjj at cursive.net
Thu Aug 8 09:10:51 CDT 2002

Fair enough.  Sorry for the FUD.  :)

Joe Hildebrand
Denver, CO, USA

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> Joe Hildebrand wrote:
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> > Now, the last point that people make with regard to SIMPLE is that
it is
> > built in to Windows Messenger.  If I recall correctly, there isn't
> > SIMPLE support in the version of Windows Messenger that ships with
> > Yes, there is some SIP for VoIP-y things, but no SIMPLE.  The latest
> > downloads of Windows Messenger have something they are calling
> > but since there are no RFC's yet, and the SIMPLE group has not
> > on a roster management approach, much less an actual transport
> > "SIMPLE" in this respect is more of a marketing ploy than an actual
> > standards adherence on the part of MS.
> Sorry, I feel the need to respond to this part. MSN Messenger clients
> that are included with XP (and all version 4.6+ I believe (not sure))
> have support for "SIMPLE" -- yes, IM over SIP. It's based off of a
> from earlier this year/late last year, I believe, but it is SIMPLE.
> problem, however, is that SIMPLE does leave a lot of things "up to
> implementation" -- and Microsoft definitely took advantage of that at
> points -- they also blatantly didn't follow the specification in other
> areas (two sockets are required when talking to the server, for
> example). I'm just trying to prevent false rumors about the
> :)
> Julian
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