[Foundation] Board Questions

Mike Lin mikelin at MIT.EDU
Thu Aug 8 21:11:12 CDT 2002

> As DW first mentioned (and others followed) in their Council "debate"
> question answers, trademark and other related issues are business related,
> not technical, and therefore should be handled by the Board rather than
> the Council.

If the JSF gains control of the trademark, the criterion for how we
allow it to be used will probably be technical. I assume it won't just
be "Give us $$$ and you can use it". As is _supposed_ to be happening
with JabberPowered, we'll create technical criterion for exactly what it
means to be Jabber, and allow or disallow its use based on those
technical criterion. I thought this was one of the basic assumptions
related to the trademark, and so I'm really dismayed that so many people
just dismissed the question.

- Mike

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